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Out Now! Wolvserpent Aporia:Kala:Ananta

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Three years after the release of the highly-acclaimed Perigaea Ankhatarhana, Idaho duo WOLVSERPENT returns with Aporia:Kāla:Ananta, an epic single-song composition that spans 40 minutes of boundary-pushing experimentation. Blending the poignancy and atmosphere of classical music, folk and drone with the drive and aggression of doom, black, and death metal, WOLVSERPENT achieves greater dynamic contour, innovation, and progression over the course of this single continuous song that is a rarity among any genre. Minimal yet incomparably dense, Aporia Kala Ananta is harrowing, spontaneous, and measured journey of diverse sonic textures, pummeling metallic heaviness, highly emotive violin, and intriguing field recordings.

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 Wolvserpent is currently in the studio finishing their 5th and yet to be titled album. Release date is TBA 2015 More news soon.


Aporia: Kala: Ananta

EP and CD: Released: MARCH 2016  on Relapse Records


Perigaea Antahkarana

LP and CD: Released: Sept 2013 on Relapse Records, Cassette 2013 on Wolvserpent Records.

LP and Cassette Sold Out



Perigaea Demo 2012

Released: OCT 2012 on Wolvserpent Recordslimited 150 copies.

Sold Out


Blood Seed

LP Released: OCT 2010 on 20 Buck Spin Records Limited 500 copies. Cassette 2014 on Wolvserpent Records limited 100 copies.

Sold out


Gathering Strengths

LP Released: OCT 2009 on OESBEE. 550 copies, hand screened, hand numbered.