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Pesanta Urfolk announces April 20th 2015 as the release date for Aelter‘s highly anticipated fourth album, Aelter IV: Love Eternal. Known for a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness. On “Love Eternal” Aelter has fully embraced a shadow-cast landscape of gothic Western folk music and hypnotic darkwave pop. More info soon, including previews and pre-sales.


Aelter III -Clarity

LP: Released:Oct 2011 on Handmade Birds and Eternal Warfare. Cassette 2012 on Wolvserpent Records. June 2011 limited 50 CDR on Wolvserpent Records.

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Aelter III Tape

Aelter III CD Web Photo

 Aelter Dusk-Dawn/Follow You Beloved 2xCD 

Released: Oct 2011 on Crucial Blast

Aelter 2xCD

Aelter II: Follow You Beloved LP


Release Date: June 2011 on Wolvserpent Records. 500 copies, hand numbered &  beautifully hand screened w/one sided poster. Oct 2010Die Hard Version on Wolvserpent Records 85 copies, hand numbered & hand screened w/embroidered patch and two sided poster.

Alter( Aelter I): Dusk-Dawn

Released Oct. 2009 on wolvserpent records 300 hand screened, hand numbered copies.